About Us

Fabs Liquidated Brand Name Furniture
Welcome to quality furniture at great prices!
Our pricing is generally 50% of the best price we can find online. However, due to Covid and the crazy shipping prices some items will be above our normal mark. If you find something you love you will still save a great deal over every one else's best price!
We buy only high quality items. Called Floor Loads, our items are the bigger items you need for your home such as sofas, large rugs, large lighting, bookcases, dining sets, dressers, beds, and a variety of building supplies such as tubs and vanities. And occasionally we receive odd items such as pool tables, sheds, and hot tubs. Keep an eye out we never know what we are getting or when!
We receive items at the warehouse on Crums lane. Furniture is shipped to the Store on Blankenbaker as soon as we have space. Shopping for furniture is best done at the Blankenbaker location or on-line as items at the warehouse are typically wrapped or still in box. Crums Lane is where you need to go to see all of the building supplies: vanities, tile, shower doors, tubs.
Why do we get these items? These come straight from the manufacturer as end of inventory and mislabels, from the seller for a variety of reasons, and large item returns. Once labeled and shipped the manufacturer does not re-box due to costs. Reasons range from returns for the wrong color, wrong size, missing hardware, end of season. damage to the packaging. 99% of items are new. We occasionally get an item that has some slight shipping damage or part missing (such as 1/2 sectionals) making great bargains for you- these items are discounted far below the 50% mark.
We do not hold items unless they are purchased. We will hold for up to 2 days, however due to limited storage it must be picked up within 48 hours. (There is a $1o per day fee per item after 2 days after 7 days we will consider the item abandoned.)
All sales are final. This includes item paid for are paid for whether is it picked up or not. There are NO exceptions so please check the items carefully to make sure it is exactly what you want. Fabs is a liquidator NOT a normal retail store- this is why the prices are so low!
1801 Priority Way (Furniture) Tuesday-Friday 11-7pm Saturday/Sunday 11-4
1506 Crums Lane (Warehouse- Building materials) Tuesday-Friday 11-7pm Saturday 11-4
Happy shopping!